I have my origins in Moldova, Tiraspol to be more precise. About the time I started to understand the world a little better, I moved to Romania for high school. I was about 15. As years passed by, I continued with university, then looking for a job and all of a sudden I realized I’m doing grown up stuff and building my life faraway from home. Home, from where the passion for style, clothes and especially dresses comes. A passion very much present into my family’s history, on my mother’s side of course.

My great grandmother Anisia, Ukrainian by nationality, had her own sewing atelier were she design and sew gorgeous dresses. This made her renowned as being the best in the region. My grandmother Maria was popular for her “unusual style”. Maria created and wore dresses which were edgy and pushing the boundaries of the fashion in those times. A quite really brave attitude for that period, when information was flying fast in those small communities and public opinion was one of the main concerns: like what would my neighbor say about.

My mother, Valentina, was popular at school, university and after, at work, for her style, characterized by fine taste and elegance. She was born and grew up during the Soviet period, when there was little choice for fashion and finding the most basic accessories was really hard. To be able to dress according to her wishes, she learned to sew. Even at a young age my mother used to buy her own textiles locally and order by post (the only way to order anything at that period) sewing magazines from Moscow, from which she learned how to converse those textiles into trendy clothes.

And coming back to me, ever since I can remember, I’m crazy about style, dresses and everything related to it. Over the years I found myself more and more attracted by the vintage styles from the noble Russian families of the 19th century to which I add my own contemporary mark. As a mother of twins: Anisia and David, I naturally converted the mother instinct of protection and how to better take care of your kids, into a willing to mix a fine education with a fine dressing style. I do it together with them as we would all play the best game of these times.