Sexy in the office? Check the post!



The time when in the office you have to be just “office” passed and now we have more possibilities to express ourselves through style in our daily business life. It doesn’t mean I do not like the office blazer-and-skirt outfit; I like it a lot, but not the classic one. In my opinion namely such an outfit has to have something original, which makes you look special.



I worked in an office for 5 years and now I’m back after almost two years of maternity leave. It’s time to say good bye to my sneakers, comfortable shoes and replace them with elegant ones, maybe high hills. It’s time to hide my casual dresses and leggings and get out of the closet the elegant ones and the skirts. But I’m not complaining. I missed somehow my office wardrobe. I missed turning simple office outfits into some special ones.


IMG_9449-14 Have you ever thought that a corset can be a part of an office outfit? I know it is hard to accept this idea, but why not? Look how beautiful it matches with these special grey pants and the white shirt. This outfit is an elegant outfit and sexy at the same time, but the kind of “sexy” which is accepted in the office.



Sometimes our office life is monotonous and uniform. Style was and will always be always my best weapon in such cases. When you feel that something beautiful is about to happen in your life, chose the right outfit for it. Be ready!


Photography – Sabina Radu

Corset – my corset

Pants – Zara

Shirt – Depot96

Shoes – my shoes


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