Long skirts, an “option” for cold winter


Winter is coming – have you heard this phrase before!? It looks like it will get here sooner than we expected. I love this season too, for the great landscapes it offers to us, especially when you live close to the forest. And of course, the holidays. The smell of Christmas tree in the house, the positive resolutions of New Year, love, flowers and romance of St. Valentine and there is more to add, isn’t it?


Lots of pros, but we do face some cons as well. Winter is also coming with difficulties for dresses and skirts lovers. Before discovering the passion for the vintage fashion, I always saw it difficult to choose your daily outfit during the winter time.  And it is because of the freezing days, when is so complicated to combine an outfit so that you look good and at the same time keep you warm.


The reasons for me are simple and I can name two very quick which don’t really work together:

  • I wear dresses or skirts 90% of the time
  • I like to walk a lot, especially when it is cold outside

I always tried many solutions: like thermal tights, long, warm socks, but nothing was, what it supposed to be, so I continued to look for the best solution. The moment my passion for long skirts materialized, the problem was solved immediately. Are long and wide, they are keeping the air warm inside so you will always feel comfortable. The perfect thing is that you do not have any discomfort when you are in a warm room, which I couldn’t say about thermal tights or long, warm socks. And you know what is amazing? I feel good wearing these cotton skirts both in summer and winter.



And guess what, I’m still thinking my ways for more and more combinations. I’m this kind of person that doesn’t like the expression “It’s not possible”, I prefer the one “ There always, has to be a solution”. Life is more beautiful and amazing this way. And this situation about remaining stylish and “sexy” when it is cold outside is a perfect example.

Photos – Tatiana Volontir

Make-up – Alexandra Frigescu


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