Mini skirt, a good choice?


Once upon a time I was wearing mostly miniskirts and mini tight dresses. This period was during my university studies and first years of work. I felt so comfortable in such outfits that I was wearing them even at work and had no problem if some of them were too short or too sexy. In the office we had no drastic restrictions regarding the dress code, so I could express myself through the outfit without any problem. My colleagues got used to my short dressed and skirts, maybe because they were really nice or maybe because I made everything possible to make them get used to them from the very beginning, or maybe both of these reasons are correct. But let’s take a step- by-step approach to the story.


I remember, my first day at work happened to be on a Wednesday. I prepared carefully my outfit for it the day before. I wore grey thinly office trousers, a nice trendy t-shirt, a blazer and, of course, high hills. It was office style, but at the same time sexy. On Thursday, if I remember correctly, I had an office dress on me which I bought especially for this day and on Friday… Actually, Friday is a separate story…


Before I started to work, I heard from my friends that already had a job, that in the office it was mandatory to be dressed every day office style, but Fridays represented an exception, that’s why it was even named “Casual Friday”. I decided to follow the rule and on my first Friday in the office I dressed “casual”. In my mind “casual” meant I can finally wear a short skirt.  I chose one of my short black skirts, a t-shirt, black casual shoes and went to work.


As I arrived at work, I felt that something is wrong, it was in the air. First of all almost everybody was dressed really casually, the majority was wearing jeans and t-shirts. Secondly, my new colleagues were not literally staring at me, but at the same time their attitude was different comparing to Wednesday and Thursday. They were distant and a little bit strange and I had the feeling that they were talking about me when I was not listening this. I understood that I did something wrong and it wasn’t really the right moment to put on any short skirt.


Time passed, I got to know my colleagues and we became friends, it didn’t already matter the outfit and the length of the skirt because we knew each other so `well and one day my colleagues decided to confess. They told me that they were a little bit or maybe a bit more shocked by my outfit on my FIRST DAY AT WORK. I was confused, I remembered clearly that on my first day I had trousers (I’m wearing trousers really rarely) and explained to my colleagues that they  were talking about my third day at work, on the first day I was dressed office style, on the second too, but they didn’t remember any office trousers or dress, only the skirt. They knew, even if time had passed, the exact model and color of my short skirt.


After years, I moved to another job, but I remained in very good relations with colleagues from my first team. We are still going out together for a drink when we have free time, just like the old times, and when we start remembering and joking about our office life together they always remember the short skirt from my FIRST DAY AT WORK. I’ve already gotten used to it but, I keep explaining them anyway over and over again that this was on my third day at work, on the first day I was dressed office style. They don’t remember this, but agree with me and … the following time we met together and joked, they would remember again about … my FIRST DAY AT WORK.


The moral of the story is that maybe short skirts are not really Christian, but if you want to turn somebody’s attention to you and also be remembered, wearing a short skirt is one of the tools you can use for it.

Blazer – Zara

Skirt – Zara

Shoes – Il Passo

Blouse – Zara

Photoraphy – Contu Cosmina


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