Style ideas: How to use a CORSET as a day outfit?


When I say the word corset what is the first thing you are thinking about? An elegant, evening dress or sexy, beautiful underwear? Honestly speaking I adore wearing both of these options, but this article is about something else. Today we will talk about the corset as an “accessory” for a day outfit.


Often we are using jewelry to give a shout out to our outfit, but would you like to try something new, out of the box? In my opinion a corset is a great choice and at the same time it is something unexpected. I think it is perfect when you want to stand out, in a good way of course.



You already know that I adore vintage style, old manners and the atmosphere of the previous century, but at the same time I like short skirts and backless evening dresses. Also, without my short, beautiful skirts I think I wouldn’t appreciate so much my vintage, special dresses. Often appreciation comes with comparison (not always 🙂 ). Corset, is one of the few things in my wardrobe which makes me want to wear something vintage, and at the same time modern and sexy. So you can kill two birds with one stone.


The secret is to be open and not to be afraid to experiment when it is about style and trying new things( without exaggeration, of course).


Photos: Tatiana Volontir

Corset: Olesea Esanu-Volontir (ideea Albina Tosca 🙂 )

Blouse – Depot 96

Trousers – Massimo Dutti

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