Colors in our wardrobe: Do they influence our daily mood?


What is your attitude towards colors? What colors prevail in your wardrobe? Black, grey and white or pink, yellow and orange? If you think the color you wear doesn’t matter so much… Well… Actually it matters more than you can imagine.


First time I started thinking about this was after one of my best friend’s, Tatiana, visit. I met her at the airport wearing a very cute and trendy outfit, but it contained only black and brown colors. She examined me carefully, but didn’t say anything. I was a little bit confused; actually I was waiting for a compliment (LOL). Afterwards, while grabbing a cup of coffee, she asked me if everything is ok in my life. This question confused me even more. Actually I did have some problems at that moment, but I didn’t tell her about them because of some reasons. I asked her why she is asking me about problems when I’m smiling and looking ok. And she said: BECAUSE OF THE COLORS YOU ARE WEARING.


I remember the first thing I bought after she left was a pink blazer. But does the colors we are wearing really affect our mood and also influence our behavior? If so, how is this “tool” working? On the internet you can find a lot of information about the psychology of color, because a lot of researches were done on this topic, but in my opinion, the best tool is YOU.


Time passed since that visit, but I remember very well the lesson she gave me. At that time I had many black and grey dresses in my wardrobe and I started the changes with a new rule: every time I would like to buy a dark dress, I’ll look for a colorful one instead. And it worked. It doesn’t mean I do not have beautiful dark clothes in my wardrobe, but the important thing is that they do not prevail. There is a “color balance” among my clothes and this is gorgeous.


This article is about two of the colors I adore: green and yellow. Green is generally a physically soothing color that is mostly associated with nature and envy, but the yellow, the sunny, attention-seeking color, is also the most fatiguing color to the eye. They also look very good together, don’t you think? I adore combining them. And the shoes complete this outfit perfectly. This small piece of yellow makes them really appropriate for this outfit.


Will the color complete your outfit or your inner attitude? I don’t know, you decide. What is important, either it’s black and white or pink and red, is for you to feel relaxed and self confident. In this case, people will first of all remember YOU, and after, the outfit you are wearing. Because, no matter how important style and fashion are, the PERSON will always be on the first place.


Yellow Blazer – Zara

Green Dress – Lashez

Shoes – Bagatt

Photos – Sabina Radu

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