You think daddies with little girls are crazy and dangerous? Try a mommy with a little boy! I dare you!

I always wanted to have a girl, actually two(LOL), to teach them to have a strong bond and a beautiful relationship like I have with my sister. To be best friends, to talk about relationships and dresses, to fight a little bit and after that to drink a coffee and discuss about everything or be quiet on nothing. Or like my mother had with her sister and my grandmother had with all her sisters. I can continue but I’m sure it is not necessary.

God saw my dreams and gave me my girl. I consider myself very lucky for having her. But i have a son too. Was I thinking before I got pregnant about having a son? Hmm… I cannot explain why, but I just couldn’t imagine it. I didn’t know how it is to have a boy. Well, I cannot say I knew how it would be to have a daughter, but at least I imagined this many times before. I imagined how I would talk to her a lot about style, hair, dresses and beautiful underwear. We would have similar outfits and braided hair. And would my son want to discuss about dresses???

Such questions were levitating around me until the moment we found out our babies’ gender. Both, me and my husband were excited. Finally we were about to find out! I still remember very clearly that special day. I wasn’t thinking too much about their gender specifically and to be honest it didn’t matter so much to me. I just wanted to know. It was like a gift box which I wanted to open. I knew the gift would be great, but I wanted to see it.

When the ultrasound showed that I’ll have a boy I was very happy. I was thinking to myself “What if the second baby is also a boy?” (even if I felt from the early beginning that I’ll have a boy and a girl). I cannot say I disliked the idea. I knew it will be beautiful, no matter what gender the babies were. To be honest, I think that was the first moment I started thinking how I’ll be a boy mom and it seemed so natural and normal to me.

Two years have passed since then and for 1,5 years I’m the mother of a beautiful baby boy too. I cannot understand why I couldn’t imagine having a boy. It is such a special relationship. Me and my husband are very close to both of our children, but if I have to compare, Anisia has something special for my husband, and David for me. I cannot say  why. Obviously we don’t make any difference between them, but the theory that boys are closer to their moms and girls to their dads is confirmed again.


At the same time I couldn’t really decide to make a matching outfit for me and my son.Don’t ask why because i can’t tell it either(LOL). During my pregnancy, I was sure I’ll have a lot of matching outfits with David, but then every time I wanted to make an outfit for me and David, I would end up looking for dresses for me and Anisia. Maybe because having matched outfits with my daughter has been my dream since childhood or maybe because it is easier to match outfits with a daughter, or maybe both of these reasons influenced me.  Having a matched outfit with my boy was something totally new for me.

Luckily, you, my readers, helped me to finally do it. After I published the article with my daughter, I received a lot of questions from boy moms. They reminded me that I have a son and should not forget him. They said that were looking forward to articles with ideas of matched outfits of mother and son.

Well, I did it. It wasn’t painful. Actually I enjoyed it. To be honest, I liked it a lot and I’ll repeat for sure this experience. Thank you for helping to finally do it. I’m excited about the result. What do you think?

My outfit:
Blouse – Massimo Dutti

Skirt – BSB

Shoes – Zara

Bow – Papionette

David’s outfit:

Shirt – H&M

Black jeans – Next

Bow – Papionette
Amazing photos – Tatiana Volontir


4 thoughts on “You think daddies with little girls are crazy and dangerous? Try a mommy with a little boy! I dare you!

  1. Albinuta, te superi daca iti zic ca asta e articolul mai preferat? stii ca eu sunt cu băieții mai mult, si faptul ca sunt mama a 2 băieți ma face sa fii sensibilă la acest subiect. Va pup si succes in continuare!


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