Babywearing twins: Ring Sling is our favorite


I often think about the time when I was pregnant, before the babies were born and how special it was. I think about the feelings I used to go through and about all the preparations we made for the new beloved members of the family. Whether you need it or not, use it or not, you buy lots of sweet and beautiful things, having in your mind that you will be, somehow, prepared for the moment they will come (Oh, how I miss that time). With all the preparations, I still realized later on, that I hadn’t really thought about everything. I didn’t buy one (or two) of the many baby-wearing systems that we have on the market today. I heard about them, but with two babies I thought that would be difficult to use them. Turns out it’s not! It’s actually, a useful thing and you’ll appreciate it a lot during the first months. If you did buy it, then you were lucky. I consider this would’ve made my life easier and I’m writing all this so you know and to be better prepared than I was.


Enough with the memories now. It is more important to care about the future, being grateful for what we have and leave the past difficulties where they belong: in the past.  The present is important and is our duty to live and enjoy it, as now you have the small ones watching and learning from how you go through live. So, back to the learning point. From the many systems and ways to wear a baby, some of them, can be used for twins, like the ring sling one. It’s actually my favorite. Since I tried it first time, I realized its usefulness. I felt it easy going on me and the babies liked it even more.


Still, I remember that the ring sling seemed unfriendly and complicated when I saw it the first time (LOL).  A friend of mine bought it for their newborn baby and introduced it to me like: “You can use it from the moment the baby is born”. She showed me this big piece of material with 2 big rings on one of the edges. It seemed uncomfortable and unsafe to carry a child in that thing. Who could have imagined that the “uncomfortable piece of material” will become in fact my favorite baby-wearing system?


But there is a story behind this. I’m considering myself a very open person when it comes trying new things and since it was about the kids and for their good you can say that I’m even more open. But there is something else which pushed me to buy it. I was just thinking that it cannot be worse than those moments when you really have a hard time, with both kids crying (really crying) and needing your full attention and care, at the same time. Is difficult to hold in your arms two babies who cannot hold their head and tend to bend in all directions. There it was, that moment when both of them wanted to be held and myself: panicked, stressed and not knowing what to do. I called my husband, but he came in an hour and by that time I was simply exhausted.


After this event I knew that I needed a solution and the ring sling seemed to be the easiest way. Nevertheless, I looked for alternatives and checked lots of online shops. Among them, Scutecila grabbed my attention. They have a huge variety of products and for the ring slings they have many nice and interesting colors. I visited them and tried two from different brands: Poarta-ma and Lenny Lamb. What is really extraordinary is that Scutecila gives you the possibility to borrow the system for 5 days to test it, for a small fee. If you like it and you decide to buy it, the fee is deducted from the total cost. If not, then you’ll spend just a small fee. This is very convenient, isn’t it?


I ended up ordering two rings slings to test them and I remember how nervous I was when I got them. Before trying them, I watched many tutorials on the internet, which might be helpful, but without practice they are nothing. So I practiced, practiced and practiced again, being afraid not to hurt my babies. David was the first. He looked at me a bit surprised and then started to cry. Very encouraging. But after several intents there I was, David was having his first sleep in a ring sling. Was I happy or what? (LOL). For Anisia it was easier as she stepped in when I already had the experience from the practice with David. She will thank him some day!


As it usually happens, I had to use the ring slings together, at the same time, without any preparation. Kids are dictating what, when and how will things happen. Yes, I was waiting for the perfect moment: the kids to be calm, my husband to be near me, to see 100 times the video about how to put twins in ring slings. But…one day, just before I had to return the systems back, it happened again: both of them started to cry and nothing was working to calm them down. I was alone and I knew I will have to try. I watched quickly the instructions video and then, there I was putting the first baby in, and then, the second one! Was done! Without thinking or hesitating.  Just like that. I couldn’t believe it! My kids stopped crying so I must have done it right. This gave me courage and I also tried breastfeeding them. The result? In 5 minutes they were both sleeping.  So, without any doubt in my mind I ordered two ring slings.


It was a period I was going out for walk using only ring slings, because Anisia and David wasn’t accepting anything else.



Since then, we bought several different systems for babies, but the ring sling remained our favorite one. It’s like magic when they are nervous. In 9 cases out of 10 they do calm down. The only inconvenience is that if you hold the baby for longer periods, you might feel some back pain. It happened to me. And with twins, unless you are an Olympic Champion, you’ll get tired very quickly.


Overall, I can say that it is definitely the system which is best accepted by the kids. Whenever they don’t feel good in the stroller or any other baby-wearing system they do accept to stay in the ring sling.


They have the breast close by, it is comfortable to sleep…it is a perfect place for them!



David and Anisia are 1 year and a half now and they still prefer and enjoy the ring sling a lot!

Ring Slings – Scutecila

Amazing photos – Tatiana Volontir



An additional note: Because I was asked, I’ll explain why I used different types of slings for the photoshooting and what is the difference between them.

  • The colored + blue sling (photos inside) are from brand Poarta-ma. They are perfect for beginners. Material is thin and very agreeable. I adore this slings
  • The grey + blue slings (photos outside) belong to brand Lenny Lamb. The material is thick and strong. This sling is good for winter, for summer I think they are too thick. But for the beginners is more difficult to get used to them in my opinion. Lenny Lamb has very interesting designs for the slings, I like them very much.

In the photos made by me (not from the photoshooting 🙂 ) are slings from Poarta-ma. This were slings taken for five days to test them. They were returned, I do not have them any more.

My first slings were from brand Poarta-ma. Half year later I bought Lenny Lamb slings, but mostly because of their design :). There is no necessity to buy more slings, only if you want to have different slings to combine them with all your outfits, like me 🙂



4 thoughts on “Babywearing twins: Ring Sling is our favorite

  1. I tried the sling, but in the end I sold it out because couldn’t manage to wear it. You are doing a great job though 😊 And the twins are amazing, just like this ❤️❤️❤️

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