Life’s too short to wear boring clothes


I believe people are coming into our life to teach us lessons or to…learn from us, or both of them. The same is with the difficult or the happy moments we live during our life. Or, don’t you have moments when you try to accomplish something but you never seem to do it? Could be that the time hasn’t come for it, right? Next to these people, life is another teacher coming to make us stronger and help us add confidence to our intents to become better parents, better people and better friends. I really believe it. And think of it, could sound strange, but even after sufferance, or sadness, is our human nature which prevails and makes us move forward. Don’t we have, all these, deeply carved into our genes?


Let me tell you a story about Tatiana and my first experience as a stylist, a very personal one.


As you know already, Tatiana Volontir, the magician behind the camera, is a very good friend of mine. Now, I’m on maternity leave and I’m sharing my time between my twins, husband and my blog, while Tania is an experienced and popular photographer with a lot of projects and personal work. But there were other times, when we were colleagues at work, having the desks side by side.  During that time, we used to talk a lot: work related stuff, about books, life, relations and of course, fashion, style and dresses.


You know that i don’t like shopping(LOL), so, often, instead of a normal lunch, we were buying sandwiches to save some time and check the shops too. Luckily, the mall is close to the office building  and this saves time too. And I must tell you, it was not always easy to convince her to come with me. Most of the times, Tania wanted to eat and that’s it.  I had to attract her somehow, taking all slowly, with small steps, like those so called short views:  “Let’s enter this store only to see what’s new. I know they supposed to bring new pieces”. She fell for the trick, willing to come and of course she ended up trying clothes, trying shoes. (The pair of red stiletto you see in the photos, are ones that she really loves). And this is how our lunch hour was passing by. See, shopping is the best diet for us, don’t you think?

_MG_5987 copy

Someday, Tania came to me saying that she will have a photography conference where she will hold a speech. It was an important event so she needed the perfect outfit for the occasion. Something to bring up her artistic personality and feminine elegance. She was asking for my help. I was so excited (You’ll understand why). We both have different styles when it comes to clothing. Don’t get me wrong.  I like hers, she likes mines (I hope), but we are different. When we were shopping together and I was excited about one thing, she was like: “Yeah, this is really nice, but I wouldn’t wear it“. And now she came to me to choose something against her traditional style. (Now you understand)


But, when we started to look and try on clothes, I confused both of us. Then i realized that I was looking clothes for my taste, when actually, I should have adapted my style to Tania’s composure and combine her need with her personality. We saw a couple of stores, we tried on some clothes. It worked! We had fun and we found a charming outfit. You know, wasn’t just me, she was also happy. You could see it on her face. She was very pleased with the selection.

Shoes – Musette

Blazer –Lashez

Top –Lashez

Skirt – Lashez



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