After women, flowers are the loveliest things God has given the world


What do you think of Positive energy or how do you use it in your daily life, if you believe in it?

Google’s thinking

Positive energy


If Google doesn’t know exactly, must be that everyone has her/his own definition based on the life experiences she or he is going through. “Think positive and positive will happen to you” defines positive energy better than any Google definition. It would be perfect to be one of our lives mottos. Positive energy would be all the good things which surround us:  our thoughts, our emotions and the good vibes from people around us.


From the moment I started thinking about the blog and how I would use this platform to share my thoughts with my readers I realized others will also be part of this journey together with me, helping to pass the message to more and more people. In this post I’ll tell you how I got my very first collaboration. Imagine how positive and encouraging this first collaboration was for me, happening even before I launched the blog. While I was preparing for one of the photo shootings I was looking for a bouquet of flowers, something simple that looked like it emerged from nature itself and showing thus nature’s beauty.  This bouquet ended up being the center piece of my upcoming photo session.


I was doing some research on Facebook before the photo shoot when I saw a promo page with an interesting and unusual name: The Flower Guy. Don’t know about you, I have never see a male florist in my entire flower buying experience, so naturally I got very intrigued by this very rare online appearance. Giving in to my curiosity I visited their website and as I was scrolling through the pictures I felt like nature itself lived here. From elegant bouquets of roses, to the most exotic flowers and plants, each arrangement had an unique message to send. Some of them looked like the natural flower carpet underneath an apple tree which collected some of the fallen apples; and then I thought to myself: this is exactly what I was looking for! This kind of creativity would have been perfect for the photo shoot, and besides and I wanted to share this great find with all of my readers!

Very excited about this, I reached out to The Flower Guy to see if they were open for collaboration.

I mentioned a couple of words about the project, told them a little bit about myself and my intention to use one of their bouquets in the next photo session.  And then I waited for the answer; I’ll confess my heart raced as I was waited for their reaction to my idea, so imagine how surprising it was for me to receive the answer the following day: A POSITIVE ONE! They had agreed to collaborate!! ! YEIIII! I was so happy about the prospects of collaborating with some very talented people, this being my first collaboration, before even launching the blog, it was extra special; I’m the kind of person who pays attention to signs and The Flower Guy answer raised my confidence for what will come, a good bite of positive energy to continue. The outcome of all of this, my dear readers, is that doing good deeds for people and believing in them can be the best gift that you can give to them. Karma or not, we all know that the circle of life always pays back the good deeds.


I met the owners of The Flower Guy who are a very positive, nice couple (they also do deliveries in case you are too busy to go visit them in person). We talked a bit about the project while the bouquet was being made and then…voila!  I saw it and it was… Wow! Exactly how wanted, even better. But, enough taking about it, look at the picture so you can convince yourself.


Coming back to skirts now. We keep the positive vibe and talk about how this skirt ended up in my wardrobe.  I always mention: it is not easy to find clothes that fit my style preferences. That’s why when I’m finding something I really like, well, let’s just say you’ll see me smiling all the day! I had such a day when, my good friend, Tatiana (who is also the official photographer for the blog), came to me with a bunch of clothes and said: “These were my mom’s. I was keeping them, hopping I’ll wear them someday, but it’s not my style and I think this particular skirt will fit you much better”. Curiosity and confusion was what I felt in those moments.  I opened the bag and there it was!  When I tried it on, it was a perfect fit.


Be positive! Think positive! We are what we think and we live through the believes we have. 

P.S. The bouquet was really made by a guy, a handsome one. If you don’t believe me, go and check.

Ending up traditionally, with some quotes:

After women, flowers are the loveliest thing God has given the world.

The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life. 

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

Flowers are words which even a babe may understand. 

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.

Flowers in the city are like lipstick on a woman-it just makes you look better to have a little color.

The flowers take the tears of weeping night and give them to the sun for day’s delight.


Bouquet: The Flower Guy

Skirt: A lovely gift

Top: Zara

Lovely photographer –   Tatiana Volontir

IMG_6438IMG_6406IMG_6433   IMG_6401IMG_6410IMG_6424

3 thoughts on “After women, flowers are the loveliest things God has given the world

  1. Hey Albina!

    I like a lot your hairstyle! You know I am also a braid lover ;)…
    Looking for some new style and hair inspo!

    BTW – the bouquet is amazing!


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