We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today


For you, dear parents.

Let’s talk a little about kids and food. How are your kids when it comes to eating? I bet that they eat everything you give to them, they eat clean and you don’t have to always run after them with the food, right? Do they prefer healthy food or are they in love with French fries? Do they eat enough fruits every day? Do they eat or actually play with the food?

Ahh, questions, questions I thought I’ll never ask myself. They all reflect my dreams about kids’ behavior. During my pregnancy I was levitating in positive energy and dreams about motherhood.  It was about me and my kids being best friends and never facing misbehaviors. Before they came, seeing parents running after their kids to feed them was confusing and annoying to me. “You have to let the child choose what she or he wants and to respect her’s or his decision” is what I always said. I was sure that I’ll perfectly understand their needs and everything will flow naturally. If the kid wants to eat, I’ll feed her/him and if she/he doesn’t want, I’m not going to insist.

Oh dear! Thinking and theory are one thing and being a parent and living the theory in practice is such a different story. Since I became a mother of twins, many of those “dreams” sort of vanished into thin air. I’m still a happy mom! Is just that the practice shed a different light now and we cannot be friends all the times. I’m chasing them with food, I’m interrupting their games and I break the natural flow balance. Why?  If you don’t feed them well, at the right time, they become angry and then they scratch, they bite and they fight each other.  I tell you, is not easy with two nervous fellows. So I prefer to insist (LOL). The positive side of having two is that when I’m starting to feed one, his brother/sister is coming fast to ask for food. And this is one good example of how beautiful a mom’s life can be. Adaptation is second nature now.

Coming back to “dreams”.  Most of you already know, solid food is introduced to babies about the time they turn six months. I was excited and pretty sure that, in short time, my babies will become independent and ready to eat by themselves. And by the time they turn one they would be experts, being able to use the spoon and the fork, being able to eat clean and the floor will be shining.  LOL, VERY FUNNY! Lovely dreams!  Returning to reality…

When we started to introduce the solid food we tried more methods: BLW (finger food), purées and a mix of these two methods. (Will have soon a post about these 2 methods.  Details comingJ ) I then thought that the method you choose is important and will influence a child’s development. Now, when my children are almost a year and a half old, I realized that it doesn’t really matter which method you go with. The kids start to eat independently and will use the spoon or the fork when they are ready.  I’ve read a lot of books, articles, watched so many videos and tried all possible methods and I came to the conclusion that the most important thing is to relax and to listen to that parent instinct. Have a look at how David and Anisia are eating pasta, one of their favorite mealsJ. Really favoriteee, see?

They first tried it when they were 8 months. Pasta, chicken and red sauce. All on their table, their playground.  They played a lot and even eat some, enjoying the whole process.


David and Anisia waiting for food: “Sometimes we even cry to make mom bring it faster.


Finally the food is here.


We always start eating very nice and clean, most of the time using the fork/spoon, giving a false hope to mom that we will finish the same way. Hi, hi, hi, she is so naïve.


And finally comes the moment when we do not need the fork any more. Hands rule!!!



But still the fork is important!


And the hands 🙂


We even steal it from each other. Because there is always a possibility that my brother would have the better food.


Sometimes sharing is impossible


And sometimes we are very willing to do it!


Cleanness? Why??!



There are moments when we fight, scratch and bite each other. But NOT TODAY!!! Today we are best buddies!


But we are very happy. Isn’t this visible?


We’ve finished eating and is time for water.


Phewwwww, so refreshing!


Now let’s put it on the table. And this is the moment when mom told us to clean the tables.


She gives us paper napkins and we start to clean.



And at the end, because we were so hard-working we deserve to play. Tearing paper in small pieces is quite fun. And mom will have fun too cleaning after us.


This is our beloved story. Can you share yours? We are very curious to know for sure!!”


Our beloved photographer: Tatiana Volontir








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