The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing.


I noticed these shoes instantly, they had something special, something different from the others. The style was classic, but the colors were matched so good, black shoes with the white part on the front  and this small piece of yellow, like the icing on the cake.  I decided immediately to try them on, even if I’m wearing high hills extremely rarely.


Fate decided that I had to wear my yellow jacket at that moment and when I put the shoes on, they matched so damn good that my heart wasn’t able to resist and I fell in love. I knew that if I didn’t buy them at that moment, and if later I’d come back but they wouldn’t have my size and the shop will be closed, I would never forgive this to myself and this regret will be like a stone on my heart for the rest of life (I’m sure most of my readers went at least once through a similar situation).



I was so excited to have these shoes that I knew I had to show them to the world, so I decided to create an outfit for my blog using them. To put in evidence this small touch of yellow I replaced the jacket with a long yellow blazer. This type of blazer, larger and longer than the classic one ( as if you took it from the men’s section) looks super nice with a short dress or skirt. It looks very trendy when it has the same length as the dress you wear or if the blazer is even a little bit longer, like you have nothing else on you, only the blazer.



Instead of the short skirt I chose a black skort (skirt + shorts). I prefer wearing skorts, especially since I’m a mother, because wearing them you can be sexy and the same time safe. Yes, I’m not joking. You know the problem with short skirts, sometime it can get up when you least expect it. The skort solves this problem once and for all because it never gets up. The last part, the top, I went for a white, simple, but at the same time elegant one. It completed the outfit perfectly. The result is attractive, it represents me so much in the moment I want to be a stylish sexy mom.


Although long vintage dresses and skirts have a special place in my wardrobe and my heart too, my passion for short skirts never disappeared. I believe a woman has to be unpredictable, to have an enigma in her presence. You never know what to expect: will she appear wearing a long charming dress which will put the accent on her waist and will make you ask yourself what is hidden under that beautiful dress, or will she wear a short skirt which will make you discover how nice her legs are. Taking everything said above in consideration it is important to know that the secret is not in a stylish dress or skirt, is not even in having a nice waist or long legs, the secret is inside you, your attitude,  your self-confidence and first of all your positive emotions.

Shoes – Bagatt

Blazer – Zara

Top – Zara

Skort – Zara

Bag – Zara

Photos – Tatiana Volontir



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