A Daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend



Ever since I was little, I dreamed of having a daughter. I used to imagine how I would buy her nice dresses, skirts and how I would make for her different beautiful combinations of clothes fit for her style, just as my mother did for me, my grandmother did for my mother and so went basically the entire mother-daughter creative relationship in my family. Another thing I used to dream about was how I and my little girl would wear similar style clothes: same color dresses, same models of skirts or even similar swimsuits. I used to dream of translating our emotional connection into a fashion style. At that time I didn’t even have a personal computer at home and no internet (yep, there was a time when internet wasn’t a thing!). So my dreams were simply developing in my imagination. Time passed, internet came into our daily life and I learned that the ideas I had were already used in many different ways. Without a doubt, every stylish mother is using her imagination to create original and unusual outfits for her little one.

Since I became a mother I’ve already practiced some of my childhood ideas and dreams and I also discovered so many exciting combinations of colors and styles. You and your kid can dress differently, but at the same time look very stylish and trendy together.

Some may say that is a waste of time looking at clothes on-line and is better to be in the store to try some on too. I would disagree! I was just checking what other beauties created the guys from Zara kids when I saw this beautiful dress. I liked it instantly! Maybe because, somehow, has a vintage vibe, maybe it’s the color. I then remembered that a couple of days back I saw a similar style top, while walking in Zara and it was that moment then when I made this lovely red&white combination. Came out that together make a perfect match, don’t you agree? And if you look at the weather outside you can see that it comes at the right time, is like part of the summer itself!

So many combinations can be made using this sexy top. The first ones which crossed my mind were with the high waist medium (or short) flared skirt or with the white high waist shorts. I believe I had about an hour to decide and turn this idea into reality. An hour is more than enough. Being a mom of twins makes me use my free time in the most efficient way. They both are like mom addicted kids so you can say that they don’t make it easy at all. Ok, where was I? Yes, I had the top, but couldn’t find the model of skirt I wanted to complete the outfit, but luckily I found a pair of very nice high waist white cotton shorts. White and light material with a simple design and at the same time, sexy, perfect for the summer! Again, the color is the key. If you pick the white ‘version’ and try them on, the top and the shoes are deciding the style for your outfit, making it elegant or casual.

I really love the result and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Hmm, a little bit about the fun we had during the photo session. Anisia is very independent and was always trying to run and discover the world by herself. We enjoyed the lovely playground as I had to come up with all sort of games to keep her busy while Tania was doing the impossible to take the best photos. Must be a game so all the ‘process’ can become amusing and captivating for your beloved kids. We must never forget that beyond fashion, hobbies or whatever, you have your kids who sit on top of your world, a world which belongs to them.

Thank you Anisia for the beautiful play we had together!!!



White shorts – Zara

Top – Zara

White sneakers – Diesel



Dress – Zara

Shoes – Naturino






6 thoughts on “A Daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend

  1. Anisia is an Angel! It’s a miracle to be a mum of 2 wonderful kids and find time to share with us your great thoughts about style and life!


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