Summer is so close. You can taste it!



I always knew I’m lucky to have a sister like mine is. Our bond is very strong even if we are so different, or maybe because we are so different it’s so strong. At the same time we have so many things in common. There is a saying which tells that children are coming into our life to teach us lessons and to help us become better persons. There were many moments in my life when I’m sure that the saying applied perfectly in the relation that I have with her, with myself being the kid even if she is the younger one.

She is my personal advisor in everything, actually not really everything. Style is my thing. Even if she has her own style, different from mine, I’ve been influencing the way she dresses and chooses her clothes. I have been doing it for such a long time that I cannot remember exactly when it all started. Although, the most significant impact was, I think, during her teen years period, when she started to wear XXL men t-shirts, caps and large sport trousers. Just think of how different that is from my clothing preferences and imagine what a shock that was for me. And I couldn’t criticize her directly as this would have affected our relationship and who knows what else.

I didn’t want this, so my strategy was the key word to define what came next. I had to be an example for her. First, I always chose carefully all the outfits when we were going out: elegant and trendy ones impossible not to like them. Second, all my presents to her were elegant dresses, skirts and blouses. And not all of a sudden, it had to be slowly so the strategy couldn’t be spotted. I noticed her reaction: she started to analyze me a little bit more and the reason behind it was the reaction the others had seeing my outfits: all the compliments I would get and all the likes on social media and in real life. She then started to try the pieces I had given to her as a present. We were on the right track, small steps towards the victory, yeiii!

Life changes. Now, we are both grownups, with quite different life styles. As time passes by with all the happy and sad moments everyone is going through whether you like it or not, people or relationships change too. One thing is that all these experiences sort of consolidated the bond between us and made us become even better friends. But there is one thing which remains untouched for now, my influence on her fashion style, which I’m proud of, you know..

And since I like the way she dresses now I should say that I’m taking advantage of it and I use my sis. How? Well, photo shootings! Whenever she comes to visit us I do not miss an opportunity to have a photo session for my blog together. We are so different but we do dress alike.

For this session, taking into consideration that it is the middle of the summer, I wanted colors, smiles and good mood. This is why I chose pink and…ta ta: yellow. Interesting combination! What makes it interesting, why do I mention two colors only when you see more?  Aright, too many questions so I’ll tell you the secret, but promise not to tell.  It is because the third one, the white color,  is not even a color, it’s just balancing the mix of the other two and is giving a grasp of air to the overall outfit.

And yet another colored part of the outfit, the last but not the least as it completes it, the sandals.  Just a couple of words about the brand, Moft. They are new, I discovered them about half a year ago (by the time they appeared on the market if I’m right) when I entered Il Passo and there they were, in a very bright corner created like an invitation to cool down your curiosity. Coming closer, I’ve noticed that the style for the shoes and bags was different from the usual Il Passo one and the prices were two times smaller.

As mentioned, Moft is a new branch of Il Passo, bringing up pieces of joyful colors accessible to more people. Right before finding this new branch, I always had the question in my mind: “Where to find the footwear for such colorful outfits?” Tons of ideas and combinations scattered through my head hoping to find at least something close to the colors I needed for the already decided outfits, but I didn’t expected to find two pairs of sandals like these. Hmmm, I always knew I have my angel whispering into my ear how to find and what to choose but this time it seems I had at least two.

So what I wanted to actually share with you, is that we shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things. New things are giving us, grownups, the energy to take care of our kids, who really explore the world without fear.

It’s summer, dare yourself!

Let’s try something new!!!

My Outfit:

White shorts – Zara

Pink top- Zara

Yellow blazer – Zara

Pink sandals – Moft ( Il Passo )

Sister’s outfit:

Pink skort – Zara

Yellow top – Stradivarius

White blazer – Zara

Yellow sandals – Moft ( Il Passo)


Amazing Photos: Tatiana Volontir




5 thoughts on “Summer is so close. You can taste it!

  1. Hey, Albina! I think you remember I am far from being a fashion fan, but your wording is… wow… amazing says nothing!
    I read it in a gulp and I really enjoyed it!
    Congrats for doing this and especially for doing it so good!

    Looks like you chose your words as careful as you do with your clothes!

    P.S. I can’t wait for an article about those long gloves!


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