Let’s talk about magic


        Let’s talk about magic… Is there any magic? Could be. Everything is in our mind and depends on us, how we create it, how we feel it. The “magic” is inside us and we decide how we will use it and how it will influence our future life. The same applies to beauty. It is very important to feel beautiful, even before someone will tell it to you, even before you will want to be seen beautiful. 

       Often I have the feeling that I’m not living in the right century, that I should have been born more than 100 years ago. I’m pleased and I do enjoy the good manners, when a man acts like a real gentleman: opens the door of the car – it would have offered his hand to help a lady climb in a carriage, helps you put a coat on, helps a woman on the street with her big, heavy bag no matter how old she is or how she looks like, stands up in a restaurant every time a woman stands up. I like the idea of the dance balls a lot, where people are dressed very elegantly, where men invite women to dance and this is the way they get to know each other better.

      But most of all I like to dress up mirroring my inner voice and following old society’s expectations. Oh my god, how much I love it. I love it so much that I could wear this kind of clothes almost everywhere. At the office, restaurant, on the street and even at home, like in the old movies. This is the reason I have in my wardrobe clothes, especially skirts and dresses which look like they are from a different era, but I can wear them nowadays without looking weird. Actually, these clothes make me look a “little bit different” from others, but this doesn’t bother me, on the contrary, It makes me feel special.
The yellow dress was bought at a vintage sale. The moment I saw it, I decided almost immediately that it has to be mine. When I put it on the saleswoman exclaimed “Oh, in this dress you look like Natasha Rostova from War and Peace” and this helped me finally decide to buy it. She knew how to do her job, right? Just kidding, you’ve seen the dress.
For the second dress I’m trying to share with you, the dark blue one, I have had the vision of it in my head for quite some time, but I wasn’t able to find it. I looked everywhere; in all the shops I thought they could have it, at vintage sales, on online shops with no results. So I decided to go to a dressmaker for help. Always thinking on my grandmother and my mother, because this is how they did it.

    Nowadays is not easy to find a person who is known to be very good at it and I needed recommendations. It was difficult, because, when there are so many brands which offer clothes for almost every style, people prefer to buy them, instead of reaching out to a dressmaker. And it’s understandable, it is more convenient, but I’m not the kind person who is trying to find the easy way out. After long researches I found HER. She transformed my idea into reality and made me this beautiful, special dress, exactly how I wanted it.

     After this experience I became her regular customer. I was so excited that I can have exactly the model of dress or skirt I wanted, no matter how long it took to create it (cause it took a while, that I began to make the list of clothes I wanted to make. At some point I was sure that in the future I will only have custom made dresses instead of those from different brands. Imagine how excited I was about it, how I lived that moment. Finally I could wear the dress that I wanted without any restrictions! Nothing lasts forever and it is very important to find your own happy oasis. So, I continued to go shopping as before. Of course, when I want something special, vintage style, I’m definitely going to my goddess dressmaker and say hi.

Yellow dress – Vintage sale

Dark blue dress – Made by Olesea Esanu-Volontir

Photographer – Tatiana Volontir








11 thoughts on “Let’s talk about magic

  1. Magic is a part of our life,when you are diferent like all society this is not a problem,this is a reasson to see at what level of development are another people. Everybody have a choice, and this choice is individualy. I know this girls from University and every she have something new, what surprise all colege. I like how she thinking,how see the world, and I like she because is a one of my better friend. But magic must to persist in life of everybody otherwise life will be simple,monoton and sad. Do next what you do I will be happy to see your new performans

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    1. Thanks a lot! It’s so important to hear such words. Yes, I agree with you, magic has to be within everyone and most important to be seen by everybody. And this way you may have magic present in your life forever.


  2. This is really wonderful! I truly feel there is a kind of magic in style, particularly in retro style, that unfortunately got lost along the way. I am so happy to witness a revival of that magic, hope to see more of these articles soon 🙂


  3. Magic is about positive thinking and believes.
    Very nice how you combine a retro style in today’s society. Well doneeee!


  4. Congrats dear for this begining!
    Happy to be able to follow you on the blog… these vintage dresses are amaising.
    Looking forward for more articles!


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